Created in 2009 by Gilbert Matillat and Patricija Glasencnik in the purpose to propose real estate developments in Chamonix Mt Blanc and its surroundings. Cardea is a result of a long lasting wish we had wanting to make a real change and offer a real estate offer of better quality in our beautiful valley and to put an end to low energy efficient buildings that other developers are offering. We started in the middle of the economic crises but have still managed to propose an IRR of 25% to the investor. Today the Cardea team consists of Gilbert Matillat, Patricija Glasencnik, Hanna Bergklint and Linda Larsson.

Our strength lies in the fact that after 30 years of experience, we know our area very well and therefore know what the Chamonix clientele is looking for. We can also benefit from having a very strong relationship with the town hall and they take in considerations our suggestions but most of all we know the local building rules by heart and are able to juggle with them in case needed. It is important for us to integrate our projects so they match the global local building vision the Mayor has.

We produce eco responsible buildings weather they are new build or refurbished and our buildings are all very high energy saving and built with the latest construction techniques and materials. Until today this type of products are rare in our area and even in France in general. After all these years of collaborating with different providers and partners we have been able to create a wide and competent network with high efficiency and reactivity.

We propose a combination of contemporary look and traditional mountain style. Our fixtures and finishing’s are of very good quality such as granite, solid wood, parquets and custom made kitchens, bathrooms and dressings that reflects the request of our demanding customers here in Chamonix.

The fact that we are on site most of the time reassures the clients and we are always available for a quick chat and can propose a very personal touch for each and everyone.


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